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Thank You for Your Support!

With the onset of the novel coronavirus, many Americans have been bombarded with unemployment, misinformation, and lack of basic necessities. It seems as if Good News is few and far between. We at Grand*Tressa Natural Hair Care Company want to spread kindness instead of Coronovirus! As a show of commitment, gratitude, and love for our customers- we will give away COVID - 19 care packages (while supplies last*).

Each Package will contain:

Face protection: Our handmade cloth mask (retails for 20.00) is made from Ankara African cloth and contains a filter pocket. It has the Akan Andinka symbol Akofen which reminds us to be heroic, strong and fearless during this time. Here are some CDC guidelines in regards to face protection.

Reusable shopper: This reusable bag is made from recycled material. It minimizes the spread of germs by reducing the number of times it comes into contact with others.

Portable Soap: Although hand sanitizer is more convenient, soap and water is still the best way to combat germs. Our sweetly scented rose petals require that you just add water. The soap petals completely dissolve on contact with water.

Hand sanitizer: This small portable hand sanitizer works in a pinch. It fits neatly into your pocket or purse.

We will start sending packages as soon as April 18, 2020. So look for us in your mailbox! Thanks again for all of your support during these years. Love ya and remember -

Free Yo Hair!

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!



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Thank YOU!! Stay safe.

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