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Changing Weather, Changing Hair

I get why seasons change, but does my hair have to change too? Not only must we pay attention to the weather forecast when selecting the perfect outfit for the day, but we also have to pay attention to choose the perfect product for our hair as well. (Yes, Ms. Humidity I am giving you the side-eye). Most of us can relate to growing up spending an large portion of our day at the salon (or big mama's house or auntie's house- you get the picture) washing, drying, and then straightening our hair only to have rain, humidity, or just unruly weather undue that whole process. Well having natural hair does not mean that our fros and kinks and coils are weatherproof. We still need to be aware of environmental changes perhaps in some cases maybe even more. Although hair routines are great, we need to re-evaluate them as the seasons’ change to address the effect the weather and other environmental factors have on our hair.

Brittle or dry? Tightly coiled or loose curls? What is your hair signature? Major hair care companies answer these questions with a broad stroke and forget that you are uniquely you. As a result - their formulas are stagnant and created with getting the biggest profit. Most formulas are often filled with harmful silicones, sulfates, and potassium hydroxide in order to create an inexpensive product, which does not help the overall long term condition of your hair. The formulas are produced as a one-size fit even when they tout product differentiation. At Grand*Tressa we strive to do things differently. Our formulas change based on the seasons and what your hair needs. To us, you are not just a number or a bottom line. You deserve products that are as great and unique as you are! So get ready for our fall/winter line-up coming November 1, 2019!

What’s in the weathercast for you today? As the seasons change, we must embrace change in its entirety. The decreased temperature, wind, and lack of sun can play a role in the condition of your hair. During the fall and winter months, our scalps tend to get dry and flaky. Excessive hats, beanies, and gele wearing could be the culprit. It could also be affected by the colder temperatures on our bodies. In addition, hair can become dry, brittle and you could see an increase in split ends. At any rate, just a few slight changes in your hair routine with our new seasonal products can help keep your hair looking fabulous as you navigate these next few months from our upcoming.

  1. Cut back on products- While it is true that we need extra moisture in the summer, the same is not true for colder months. However, if you are one of those chicks like me who needs moisture year-round- check out our Fall/Winter line of Daily Moisturizers with pumpkin puree!

  2. Wear silk-lined caps- It can get pretty cold out there and sometimes you can’t help but wear a hat. Check out Grace Eleyae's Beanies. Here, you can find a wonderful assortment of caps that won’t dry out your hair or scalp. Especially when you pair it with our wonderful Hair Hydration!

  3. Get a trim!- As with all things, hair related- regular trims are an excellent way to reduce shedding, help hold a style, and encourage growth. You can also help with compat dryends with our brand new Hair Repair specially formulated with your hair's porosity in mind.

  4. Finally- Do a Deep Deep condition- At least once a month, you should deep condition your hair. It will help remove impurities, restore elasticity, and combat dryness. Grand*Tressa has a brand new chebe herbal plant-based cholesterol treatment that is sure to breathe life back into dull, listless hair.

Haircare is a big part of our daily routine and should vary from season to season to maximize the growth potential of our hair. Just as we consider the weather for clothing our bodies, we need to take the weather into account when choosing our hair products. Do you change your hair care routine with the seasons? What are some of the successful tips you would like to share? Hit us up on facebook, twitter, and instagram to share. As always- Make a great day!

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