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Take a look at some of our wonderful Ingredients!




Argan Butter:  This is a great butter to help bring moisture to your hair. It is anti-inflammatory, loaded with healing properties, and it is a natural source of vitamin E. 


Avocado Butter: Not only does avocado butter condition and moisturize your hair, it is also a treat for your dry scalp. Avocado Butter is an excellent choice for those of us who apply heat to our hair from time to time.


Cupuacu Butter: This butter comes to us from the Cupuacu tree in Brazil. It has excellent emollient properties. This butter helps retain moisture, skin elasticity, and reduces the degeneration of skin cells. This is a great butter for brittle hair. 


Coffee Butter: This deliciously scented butter helps to stimulate your scalp and improve scalp circulation. It also blocks the chemical DHT which damages hair follicles and cause hair loss. 


Horsetail Butter: This butter is loaded with flavonoids and saponins which help regenerate and rebuild hair cells. It also helps to boost collagen and epidermis connective tissue. This butter is an absolute must if you are trying to heal your hair. 


Lavender Butter: The natural healing properties of lavender are combined with sweet almond oil to create a butter that heals the scalp and softens the hair. 


Lemon Butter: The spreadability of this butter make it an ideal ingredient to add to conditioners and leave ins. It helps protect the hair and protects the scalp as well as the hair follicle. 


Murumuru Butter: This butter also comes to us from the Amazon. Murumuru butter helps heal and bring shine to dry, damaged and brittle hair. 


Olive Butter: Although similar to shea butter in texture, olive butter imparts a little more oil and shine to hair than Shea.  


Orange Butter: This butter is great for the skin, so it will be great for the hair as well. It helps the scalp process excess oils and it is a great emulsifier. 


Palm Butter: Palm butter is loaded with vitamin E and is a great antioxidant. It helps correct dry hair and scalp. It is super rich and an excellent choice for hair that has occasional exposure to heat. 


Also available seasonally: Aloe Butter, Brazil Nut Butter, Cranberry Butter, Kokum Butter,  Macadamia Nut Butter, Monoi Butter, Shea aloe and Tucuma Butter.





Argan Oil: Lightweight, loaded with vitamin E, this oil helps to stimulate cell regeneration, and helps nourish the scalp. 


Avocado Oil:  Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, vitamins D and E, protein, pantothenic acid and fatty acids. This makes it an ideal choice for helping to maintain a healthy head of hair. 


Amla Oil:  Unlike commercial Amla oil that has mineral oil as a base, we use coconut and the traditional Ayurvedic method to create this oil. Amla oil helps to heal, provide shine and helps stop split ends. 


Baobab Oil: Straight from Baobab trees in Africa, it works with the hair's natural oils to lock in moisture and shine. 


Coconut Oil:  A fan favorite and staple for natural hair care gurus. Coconut oil helps prevent graying, hair thinning and hair loss. It also seals in moisture to create hair that is soft and shiny.


Emu Oil: Emu oil is high in Oleic acid which helps it penetrate the skin better than any other oil. This oil is great for psoriasis, alopecia, eczema and any other skin and scalp condition.


Mango Oil: Overflowing with the same wonderful properties as mango butter, mango oil helps promote healthy hair. It also repairs hair that has been over processed. 


Shea Oil: Like mango oil, shea oil is great for over processed hair.  It contains the same vitamins as shea butter. 


Herbal Oil Mixture: It contains our proprietary our mix of 7 oils and 14 herbs which help quench your thirsty scalp and promotes hair growth.


Also available seasonally: Andiroba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Babassu Oil, Black Currant Oil, Calendula Oil, Cranberry Seed oil, Flax Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil. 



more information on ingredients coming soon.......

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