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Free Yo Hair!

I remember first wearing my hair natural about twenty-sumfin odd years ago. What started out as a political and health statement quickly became a lifestyle choice.  Back then, we had to be committed to natural hair. Whatever we needed (which was mostly just shea butter) we had to make ourselves.  We were not as blessed as we are today with the social acceptance of natural hair and the vast array of product choices.


Since natural hair has gone "mainstream" we've been shocked by the way products have evolved (or devolved) over the years. The majority of "natural" hair care products project a monolithic image of how natural curls should be. Products boasting they're "natural" are often filled with harmful silicones, sulfates, and even potassium hydroxide (yes, lye). Some companies use models that have under gone chemical processes to achieve the curl patterns they promise their products will deliver for you. Some companies are so sneaky they change the name of products they sell to our sisters who choose to process their hair and sell it back to us as a part of their "natural" hair care line. Devious!


Grand*Tressa only uses ingredients that are proven beneficial for your hair. Our products complement every hair type... No, our product can't change a 4c curl to a 3a curl,  but we can make your hair touchably soft, breakage free, more manageable, and stronger. Grand*Tressa helps you to free your hair from big name companies that are more concerned about their bottom line than the health of your hair!  So for whatever reason, you decided to go natural, do so on your own terms. Not theirs.  Girl.... Free Yo Hair!

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