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Our     Inspiration 

Grandassa Model

Clara Lewis

In 1968, the Black Is Beautiful movement began with a group of Bold and courageous African American women. The Grandassa Models challenged European aesthetics and revolutionized the concept of African American beauty. We chose our name, Grand*Tressa, as a way of honoring these brave pioneers.


Today, the resurgence of natural hair care has many companies capitalizing on the natural hair care movement. Many of these companies use ingredients and additives that actually harm your hair. In addition, many of these companies seek to alter your hair and promote an "acceptable curl aesthetic" rather than embrace the varieties of natural texture and curl pattern that you were born with.


We believe that women should free their hair and love whatever curl pattern they were born with. Whether tightly coiled or loose waves, Grand*Tressa will allow your hair to be the best it can be... naturally!


 We use only the finest natural ingredients for more beautiful, healthier, shinier, stronger, and softer tresses. Our proprietary 7/16 and moisture mix are the secrets to our success. In our formulas, we add our mix of 7 natural oils and 16 herbs proven to promote healthy hair and growth. Our moisture mix is a combination of liquid honey, aloe vera juice and other ingredients that add moisture and shine to your hair.


Try us and watch your hair transform into Grand Tresses. Then you too will be a Grand*Tressa!

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