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New Year Hair-esolutions

Every year millions of people make New Year's Resolutions. Some of the more popular resolutions are to lose weight, volunteer, quit drinking and/or get a better job. Fourteen days later, those resolutions will be abandoned by thirty percent of the people who made them. While within six months, everyone would have abandoned their resolutions altogether.

That is not to say that making a New Year’s Resolution is a feeble act of desperation perpetrated by the disillusioned. Resolutions can be accomplished as long as they are realistic. That is why hairesolutons or hair resolutions are so fantastic! They are simple. They are measurable. They show immediate results. Trying out a new hairstyle or doing the big chop are actions we can take now that will get immediate feedback and gratification. For example, If you are like me and have a million hair tools and one of your resolutions is to get organized.... then voila ..

Courtesy Unlikely Martha

Super easy right! But wait - it gets even easier! I have searched the web for you and assembled some of the best articles, videos, and suggestions for the New Year! New Year, New You, New Hair! So enjoy!

Trends we need to leave in 2017 Yall!

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